Saturday, May 24, 2014

Me Made Travels

So far, Me Made May has been pretty easy. I've got enough tops and knit dresses that getting dressed most days isn't a challenge per se, but that's about to change. You see, this year, I got picked/voluntold (lucky me!) to be a chaperone on the sophomore class' end of the year nine-day East Coast trip. We're leaving on a red eye flight tomorrow night for a whirlwind tour of historical sites and museums in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and NYC. It's free for chaperones, but the downside of course is constant supervising of teenagers who think they're old enough to just go wandering off in Times Square without informing anyone...

Days 15-18: Unblogged BHL Polly top, Olive dress, Not-a-Renfrew tee, raglan sleeve swing top.

Given that 1) the weather is predicted to be drastically different in these three cities (any advice for packing for thunderstorms? we don't get them here in CA!), 2) I only get one small luggage, 3) we're going to be doing tons of walking, so I have to wear appropriate shoes and not just my standard ballet flats, and 4) I have no idea how my bump will change in the next ten days, packing a more or less coordinated me-made travel wardrobe is going to be a challenge. I'm going to be a little more lax about allowing RTW clothes days and I will definitely be repeating several tops from earlier in the month. I've got a couple of posts scheduled for this next week, though, so be on the lookout for several incarnations of By Hand London Polly tops!

Days 19-23: floral top, faux-80s tunic, another unblogged BHL Polly, Japanese sewing book top, and my Jungle January dress. I think this was the celebration of rayon challis week...   

I really wish I had time to take off to meet up with all you East Coast sewists and do a little bit of fabric shopping (doesn't it seem like such a tease to be so close to the garment district but not get to take home any fabric souvenirs?), but in order to get a free trip, I have to give up any actual free time. However, if you happen to see me wandering around important tourist spots with fifty Asian high school students...say hi!


  1. I love close enough to Philadelphia (next state down) that our weather is generally similar, give or take a few degrees. So here's my advice:A raincoat, if you have one, and shoes that aren't sandals are helpful. The thunderstorms around here can hit deluge proportions quickly, and rushing for shelter when your feet are shifting around on slippery sandals is not fun! Plus I wouldn't want you to fall.

    Also, lightweight layers might help. You probably don't have humidity like we do either, so you'll want clothes that can keep you fairly cool, but also something to throw on for air conditioning or thunderstorm-induced temperature drops.

  2. Also, enjoy! I've been to all 3 cities on multiple occasions, since DC and Philly in particular are easy day trips from Delaware, and they're a lot of fun.

  3. Ooh sounds like you have multiple challenges but I'm sure you can overcome!

  4. I'm DC burbs, we're currently having a gorgeous spring and dressing is easy but at any moment it could be hideously hot and sticky. Philadelphia and NY are always a few degrees cooler but if a heatwave strikes all could be oppressive even this time of year. Any easy to pack down raincoat would be useful in a mad dash for shelter. Otherwise museums and street vendors are happy to sell ponchos and flimsy umbrellas. Enjoy your trip if possible, it does sound challenging though.

  5. I think allowing a bit more RTW under these circumstances is completely understandable... Hope you have a great time!! I'm sure you'll sleep for several days upon return... I once had to take 40 of my 8th grade band kids to Disneyland for a three day weekend, and it was surprisingly okay, but oh goodness. I was so exhausted that I can't even really remember what it was like now!

  6. I'm an hour and half from NYC. The weather this week should be in the 70's. It's too early in the season for horrendous humidity. Bring a light sweater or hoodie for early morning/evening hours and you should be fine. Thunderstorms are awesome to watch. Enjoy your time on the east coast and I'll keep an eye out for you and your group.

  7. Well, have... fun(?)! Also, "voluntold" - great coinage! I have certainly been voluntold many times in my career...
    As a fellow Californian I have no advice for any weather other than gloom, but living in SF you are probably much more prepared than I!
    And I can't wait to hear about your Pollies, I've been looking for woven tank patterns and I'm interested in how you found the fit (though you're not as small-busted as I am anymore...)

  8. Wow! Where does your school get that kind of money? Great for the kids!

  9. I guess I'm late with advice, but in case anyone else is wondering, I think for thunderstorms, especially at a coast, you want to:
    1) be prepared for rain (obviously), and that means also torrential rain in which the only thing you can do is hide, because the wind is turning your umbrella upside down and it's not really wise to be out and about in a thunderstorm anyway;
    2) temperatures rising to an unbearable point beforehand, and then quickly dropping afterwards = you want layers.
    And a substantial change of socks, because they're the thing most likely to get wet through (together with your shoes). And cold and wet feet are a sure recipe for illness.
    Also, large shawls are nice, because they can work both as a light layer to throw over your shoulders when the temperature drops a bit (like in the evenings) and a muffler to protect your throat if the temperature really happens to drop a lot.
    At least that's my European experience. I can't speak for the USA, because during my three weeks there, there was absolutely no rain in Annapolis, and only a bit in the other places I visited.

    It's always so difficult to pack for travelling when you don't know what the weather will be! And I've also had my experience with a trip that's free but with next to no free time, interpreting in my case... good luck.

    1. P.S. For surviving torrential rain, museums with free entrance are very nice.

  10. Good grief. These kiddies are, like, eight years younger than me. Gahhh. How'd that happen...


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