Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Excuses and the MBU

Another Sewing Scientist reminded me of Tanit-Isis' term "Minimum Bloggable Unit,"which is a pretty apt description for this mishmash of 1) sad excuses, 2) random crowing and 3) a belated Me-Made-May 2014 commitment.

1) Sad Excuses: I've been such a bad blogger this school year! Once again, I play the "but I'm both teaching and taking classes" card, and on top of that I play two bonus school-related cards: we just finished up accreditation in the beginning of April and then I had mad AP exam prep for the rest of the month. Thankfully, both of my classes' exams were on the first day of AP testing, so now I've finally got room to breathe. And blog. In that order.

2) Random Crowing: Remember Elaine's wedding dress? Well, her wedding was featured in Offbeat Bride's book-themed wedding week! I was glued to that site when I was planning my own science-themed wedding, so to have my work appear there was an honor.

3) MMM14: I didn't officially take part in the last me-made month challenge, but now that I have a smartphone and an Instagram account, I figured I'd join in the fun! I won't be posting roundups here on the blog, but I'll post my daily outfit photos on my IG. I'm going lite this year and only pledging to wear something me-made to work, leaving the weekends optional depending on how I feel.

It seems like there are a handful of people interested in a bustier-along, so once school lets out I'll figure out how that's going to work and let you know how to participate!


  1. Congrats on the feature! It is a gorgeous wedding dress. It sounds like you've been pretty busy. :)

  2. congrats on having your dress featured--how cool! and blogging is an option, not a requirement. i love your posts but sometimes life just has to take precedence! IG is awesome for keeping up with people when it's hard to put together blog posts.

  3. i was wondering what you were up to...


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