Saturday, May 31, 2014

By Hand London Polly Top #2

Right after I made my first Polly top, I picked up a four-yard piece of rayon challis for free from my sewing classroom's giveaway pile. I figured that was pretty much a direct order to make another one, especially since I wore the first one so much! I didn't want to make an insert for this one, though, since the print was already so busy, and it would be way too hard (and against the stashbusting rules, which I had already broken in picking up the original fabric) to find a coordinating fabric.

I made it a lot longer, too. 

I opted to just "fill in" the empty area where the insert would be by extending the center front line down and continuing as normal. This meant that there wasn't any bust shaping, and of course the whole top got a lot swingier at the bottom. The former didn't work quite so well with my expanding bust, but the bottom will accommodate quite a bit more bump!


  1. Beautiful top! You look gorgeous! :)

  2. It looks great - and the neckline is very flattering on you!

  3. I really like this! Pretty print

  4. Until your tummy starts expanding more you could belt it at the waist with a little skinny belt to help with the bust problem. It's really cute. I like the print and the neckline.

  5. Love the changes you made. I really like the longer cut.


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