Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Awards Season Alright

This post accepting a couple of blog awards is long overdue...*ducks head and blushes* Are actors and actresses allowed to pick up their Oscars a month late and then give a speech?

Anyway, I was very flattered to be awarded the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by PendleStitches and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by none other than my stashbusting co-conspirator, EmSewCrazy.

Thank you, lovely ladies! And now for my speech: allow me to indulge in sharing seven more facts about myself (if you want to read edition #1 of seven facts, they're here).

  1. Most of my geeking out posts are about Tolkien's work, but I actually came to love his work fairly late in my life. While I had read The Hobbit in elementary school, I didn't read the LOTR trilogy until college, and only because I believe firmly in reading books before seeing movies. I really wanted to see PJ's movies, ergo I had to read the books. I fell in love and fell hard
  2. My first true geek fandom was Star Wars. My dad introduced my brother and I to the trilogy fairly early, and for a couple of years we would pick one of the movies to watch each weekend. We had the novels and books about the Star Wars universe, but I never knew any other girls who were into it, so I kept quiet about my SW love until a few years ago. 
  3. When I was very young, at various times I said that I wanted to be a teacher, a scientist, and artist, and a writer. Now that I teach science during the day and blog about creating at night, I guess I'm living out my childhood dreams!
  4. Other childhood dreams that have come true, thanks to Mr. Cation's indulgence: having a huge bookcase full of books, so as to feel like I'm living in a library, having a cat that acts like a dog, and having a king-sized canopy bed. Oh, and it's because of his encouragement that I even started sewing/creating again a few years ago...and he's very patient about the messes all over the house!
  5. I love meat. I'm sorry, but I could never be a vegetarian, not so long as steak, sausages, ribs, and bacon exist in the world. I tried giving up meat one year for Lent, and it was the longest five weeks of my life. I made up for it on Easter Sunday by going out for AYCE Korean BBQ. 
  6. While younger-me loved roaming all over parks, the more secluded and densely forested, the better, present-me is not a huge fan of the wild outdoors. I sometimes feel a little bad that I don't have any interest in hiking or camping; museums and libraries are more my speed. This is why sewing is such a great hobby for me -- it pretty much requires you to be in a building! 
  7. In some ways, I'm scared to death of having a SHB...but deep down inside I'm secretly excited for the day that I have a good excuse for buying and playing with Legos, making a bazillion cute plushies, watching quality children's programming like MLP and ATLA, and building pillow forts. 

And because awards for me and me alone would be selfish, here are the winners of my Sew Grateful giveaway!

Winner #1 (Sophia Trench Coat): Sox of Finished Threads
Winner #2 (McCall's 7385 knit dress): Helen of Grosgrain Green
Winner #3 (McCall's 9071 sixties' sheath dress): Nikki of Nikki's Stitches
Winner #4 (Butterick 4790 walkaway dress): Lisa of Still a Chispita
Winner #5 (Simplicity sewing book): Kristin of Sew Technicolor

Congratulations, you lucky sewasauruses! Email me as soon as you can at cationdesignsblog [at] with your address so that I can mail you your prize!

And speaking of awards season and the upcoming Oscars, here's where I am with my TORN party shieldmaiden dress:

Desperately in need of some trim. Please excuse the cat toys and fabric scraps in the background. 


  1. You and I came to LotR in exactly the same way! I started reading Fellowship after the Hobbit because I loved it so much, but then 7th grade started (I had The Hobbit as a summer reading assignment), I was stuck in the "Concerning Hobbits" bit anyway, I got sidetracked by school and didn't get back to it until a reading blitz of the entire trilogy just before the movies came out while I was in college. And it was instant geek love that I've never recovered from.

    Your Eowyn dress is looking really good!

  2. Congrats on the awards! I have to say you deserve them, your blog is very inspiring and entertaining :)

    ps. Star Wars was my first geek fandom too! Still one of my main ones :)

  3. OMG! I'm so used to not winning anything, that I got a huge jolt there when I saw my name! Thank's so much. Email on its way!!

    Well done on your awards! Star Wars was my first ever movie at the cinema (yes, first time around, and yes I'm that old!), and my dad read the Hobbit and LOTR to us as kids, so we were inducted at a young age! :)

  4. Yay! My cousin won the Simplicity Sewing Book! How fun!

  5. Oh, your dress is so pretty - even though it's lacking the final trim! Congrats on the awards! I enjoyed your random, facts which reminded me of some random stories:

    I started reading Tolkien in 8th grade - I had one really nerdy teacher get really excited and want to chat about it when he saw me reading it, hehe. I also have a home "library" now - I think I actually need to add another shelf I got so many books for Christmas!

    I had a collection of brooches/pins that I wore in high school (my way of being creative with a stupid dress code) and one of them was the Rebel Alliance emblem. Sadly, very few people knew what it was. I still have it, and I'm sure more people would recognize it these days. (I actually have vague memories of seeing a late showing of Return of the Jedi at a drive-in even though I was only 4! Darth Vader was so terrifying, I decided to go to sleep - probably what my parents expected to happen anyway.)

    ~ Brooke

  6. Dang the Cindy, those are some cool sleeves. Have a trophy!

  7. Congratulations on your blog awards! And also congrats to the winners of your giveaway (not me, darn, lol). That dress is gorgeous! It looks so detailed and complicated, well done!


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