Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Search Keyword Fun

Sometimes when I check my blog stats page, some pretty ridiculous search keywords turn up, but at least they make sense considering what I've posted about in the past, like "gollum in love" or "how do hippos dress." And occasionally some normal search keywords that I'm pretty sure I've never discussed, like "a blank family tree that's printable." I have never made any kind of family tree, much less one that's printable. Of course, now that I've just talked about it, even more sad people will come looking for one and be disappointed.

Oddly enough, the keywords that direct the most people here are "sniper team fortress 2," and all because I once helped my sister-in-law with a cosplay vest for said character from said game. I'm pretty sure that everything else on here is the polar opposite of a rugged former tracker of dangerous game from the Australian Outback. I'm sorry if you wanted more information about an imaginary sharpshooter; it's all just vintage dresses made from thrifted sheets here.

But of all the keywords that have ever turned up, my favorite is this one. Check out the second to last line...

I've also never discussed designer linen dresses or ribbon embroidery. And "doraemon" is second to "sniper team fortress 2" in directing search engine traffic here, all because one time I made a silly sweatshirt.

Yup, two somebodies searched for the awesomest thing ever, and Google kindly directed them here. Not even sure how that happened, but I'll take it!

But I'm still pretty sure that nothing will ever top this screenshot from Curves, Patterns, and Pins.


  1. So funny. Who searches for the "awesomest thing ever"? I guess they found it!

  2. Why is no one googling Walnut? What the hell, internets? Step up.

    Recently someone googled "old woman hands" to find my sewing blog. That's.....disturbing.

    1. Oh dear...old woman hands? I'm tempted to google it and see if I can get to your blog that way, but I don't want to increase the likelihood of search engines using that to direct traffic your way!

  3. Well...your blog IS the awesomest thing ever. ;-)

  4. Baahahahaha. Ever do "Google purgatory"? It's when you make a post on something that's not actually on your blog, but within the range of what you might write about, based on google search reference terms that have led people to your site...

  5. unintentional SEO? awesome :) #nerdy, yes I am :)


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