Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Walnut!

It's been a little over a year since we brought our baby home from Carlsbad, but he's definitely become a fixture in our lives. It's hard to remember what life was like before he was around to sit on our laps and laptops, jump up on the bed to wake us in the mornings, and follow us around the house during the day. 
But it's so warm here!

It's been especially sweet seeing my husband fall in love with our fuzzy baby. He never used to be a cat person, and now he dotes on and plays with Walnut almost more than I do!

Father-son bonding time over the ESPN app on the iPad?

Pay attention to meeeeee!!!
It seems like a lot of the sewing bloggers I read have cats that keep them company while sewing, and Walnut is no exception. He loves burrowing in my fabric and "ironing" wrinkles into the fabric with his body heat. If I'm sewing, he's usually sleeping next to me on the guest bed.

Cuddling with his little stuffed doppelganger, Tinycat.

Anyway, Walnut turned four yesterday (he's an All Hallows' Eve eve baby?), so we decided to celebrate his new-found maturity by dressing him up as a working business cat, per The Oatmeal comic's Bobcats.

Have the reports done yesterday? How is that even possible?

I'm gonna scan my butt.
How am I supposed to mail these reports if I don't have opposable thumbs?
This little thirteen-pound fuzzball has brought so much laughter, joy, companionship, and loose hair into our lives. He is totally worth all the kibbles, litterbox trials, and renting-an-apartment issues. My husband has promised that as soon as he's done with business school and has a job, he'll get Walnut the monster cat tree/jungle gym/playground of his dreams.


  1. Aw, Walnut's lush!! Love the first photo of him in the tie. Big eyes!

  2. @Mog's Togs Thanks for loving my cat too :) You guys are pretty darn cute yourselves!

  3. When he's wearing the tie, it reminds me of the Bobcats over at

  4. Walnut is adorable. He looks and acts just like my kitty Sidney. I have been thinking about including him n my blog - and yours has just convinced me to do so :D
    I love your designs btw - very beautiful xXx


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