Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bonus Costume Opportunity!

Even psychotic ballerinas need a nutritional breakfast?
I had already said that this year was a record-setting year in terms of opportunities to dress up. Well, it just got even better. Last night some other plans fell through and my husband and I got to go to another Halloween party...which meant a new costume! Because, you know, why would you repeat a costume.

Anyway, I'd been wanting an excuse to try out the Black Swan makeup; it took 45 minutes to put on, but I think it turned out pretty well. I used this excellent tutorial as a basis, but I've never used liquid eyeliner before and I don't even use makeup regularly, so mine came out a little odd. Also, I only had two colors of eyeshadow. In the end, it was more crazy butterfly than Black Swan, but it was fun.

I added the corset and a black tulle skirt that I already had, feathers, and black leggings to complete the look. Based on the last week alone, that corset has already been one of my best thrift store finds ($16!) in terms of usefulness. Of course, based on the rest of the year, not so much. I'm sad that after Halloween, dressing-up season is pretty much over. Oh well...until next year!
Walnut doesn't care either way. He just wants to get down.


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