Monday, June 27, 2011

Me Made June, Days 21-27

Last week was not so exciting on the me-made front, considering that spent three days of it more or less at home on account of my wisdom teeth being pulled. But the days that I went out, I tried to make worth it!

Day 21: Actually, this was not so exciting...I just wore an embellished t-shirt made from Ruffles and Stuff's Bouquet Tank tutorial with a maxi skirt to do errands and go to Bible study. Since this was one of the first shirts I embellished, I didn't really know about choosing good materials; as a result, the shirt is a little flimsy and the flowers are kinda falling off...but I love the gold beads I added. Also, white goes with everything.

Day 22: Honestly, I didn't leave the house. I just stayed home all day and sewed and tried to get caught up on life post-vacation.

Day 23: This is one of my favorite skirts, oddly enough. I don't generally like pink, but I do love cherries and this fabric made me so excited when I found it in the remnants section at my local Yardage Town. There was just enough to squeeze a skirt out of it. Actually, there was plenty of fabric; I just happen to like really full skirts. I used Gertie's Gathered Skirt tutorial to help me out, but I added pockets too because they just make skirts so much more useful! Once I was done, I decided it needed a big sash that I could tie a bow out of, because as long as I'm going to wear a girly skirt, I might as well go all the way, right? The red of the sash just matched some red bias tape I had in my box of notions, so I added that to help bring it all together. All in all, the whole thing cost about $5 (fabric, trim, zipper) and now I need to go cherry-picking!
Days 24-25: Spent lying in bed with Walnut watching Firefly, and sewing some more when I felt up to it.

Day 26: After a foggy couple days, I decided that I needed to wear an awesome dress to church and to hang out with friends to distract myself and others from my slight chipmunk look. I actually made this dress a couple months ago, but I just never got around to hemming it...I really loathe hemming, especially when it's a circle skirt! Anyway, I used a free BurdaStyle dress pattern, Danielle, for the bodice portion, then drafted a half-circle skirt since I didn't like the straight skirt that came with the pattern. I also lined the bodice, omitted the sleeves (obviously), and lowered the back neckline a bit. I had some trouble with the darts, but couldn't figure out how to fix them. However, my consolation is that I've totally worn RTW dresses with equally poorly fitting darts, but never batted an eye, so I think it's more excusable here! Although I'm not usually a fan of empire waist dresses/tops, I think it works here with the fullness of the skirt portion.

I was a little hesitant about the heart fabric too, but it was super cheap at IKEA two years ago (yes, it's just been sitting in my stash since then) and I wanted something summery and fun. Hmm, for someone professedly ungirly, I seem to have a lot of pink and bows and hearts going on.
Walnut likes the hearts too.
Day 27: Errands and shopping call for something fun and light, and the same embellished tee (oops, how boring) and tiered skirt from Days 21 and 11, respectively, as well as my uber-functional black belt. Still, this skirt makes me happy, and it's nice to try for more entire outfits, rather than just top or bottom with RTW stuff.


  1. I just discovered your blog, and I read the entire thing. It makes me want to try my hand at sewing more. I absolutely adore the dress you made with the cute heart print!

  2. @Jay Thank you!! That makes me so happy to know that you are inspired to sew more.


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