Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me Made June, Day 29

 So, June is over and with the exception of the first day, I have actually managed to wear at least one clothing item that was me-made/refashioned every day this month! Huzzah! This is a vast improvement over Self-Stitched September, where there were days I just ignored it, or settled for an accessory, or just wore things I didn't even like to fulfill the requirement. I can say that I actually liked my clothing this month, and while there were some repeats and not-so-inspired outfits, it was pretty fun and painless. Even with traveling! Which is an accomplishment in my book for sure!

Day 29: I had already bookmarked the Adey the Sew Convert's 1-Hour Kaftan tutorial earlier in the year, just waiting for the right drape-y sheer fabric. I got this polyester chiffon-esque material at Walmart from their remnants pile, so it was a measly $2 for a yard and some. The fabric's more autumnal colors made me a little hesitant about using it for a summer top, but I think it works, given how airy it is. It did take me more than an hour, but that's because the fabric was so slippery, and I also decided to use bias tape on the neckline instead of interfacing. I didn't think interfacing would look so good under such a sheer but dark fabric. After stitching it up, I tried flapping around the apartment in it for a little bit, then decided that the sleeves were too crazy -- I couldn't get anything done because they got everywhere! I ended up trimming off a triangle from each arm (cut on the bias, so no finishing required) and then sewing a little knot at the end of the "sleeve" to hold the front and back together. This kept things manageable enough that I was able to wash dishes and change cat litter...and if that's not enough of a test, I don't know what is.

Sew just enough to attach the front and back at the yellow arrows, cut on the red lines, sew on the blue dashed lines.

Best thing about this top: my friend Shayna thought that I had just given up on MMJ when I showed up at her house for book club! As in, I just decided to go with a RTW piece...because that's how real this top looks! Now, Shayna is the nicest person in the world and she knows about my MMJ project, so I might've blown her compliment off except that two other ladies stopped me earlier in the day while I was shopping to say how much they liked my top. And I'm pretty sure they didn't know about MMJ.
I love how elvishly flowy it is.


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