Monday, June 6, 2011

Me Made June Day 5

This is the first complete outfit that I came up with (as in a separate top and bottom, not just a dress). Unfortunately, it sort of languished in my closet forever because I couldn't get myself to hem the skirt. I hate hemming skirts. And this isn't even a complete circle skirt! But at least now I can say I'm really good at baby hems -- putting together my last three dresses was a piece of cake.

The Facts

Fabric: I got the skirt fabric from a thrifted bedsheet (my favorite source of fabric) which was large enough to yield three other muslins. The top was a poly-knit that I got for another project, and it just happened to match the yellow on the sheet exactly.

Notions: zipper, thread, interfacing

Cost: About $5, with all the fabric and zipper. Hmm, it seems that all my me-made items are about this price.

Pattern: I drafted the half-circle skirt myself, but mismeasured my waist and made the waistband too small...but then I had the brilliant idea of cutting it in half height-wise so that it wouldn't be quite as constricting. The top I just sketched out and hoped that it would work, but I didn't know about the stretch direction of the knit so it's tricky to squeeze into when putting it on. This whole project was an exercise in "Goodness, I really need to think through these things a lot more carefully instead of assuming it'll all work out." At the last minute, I added several yellow triangles to the top, inspired by Emma Pilsbury's girly tops.

Time to complete: 3 hours? But spread out over several months. Most of that time was just waiting to get the wherewithal to hem the skirt.

First worn: May 2011.

Where'd you go today in this outfit? Church service -- it was a beautiful day, perfect for the sunny yellow.

Good things about this outfit: It's definitely cheery, and half circle skirts are so flattering. I love the v-neck in the back of the top.

Things that weren't so good: The top isn't as forgiving as I expected it to be since I cut it the wrong way. The waistband of the skirt gets a little tight after lunch.

Would you wear this outfit again? Probably, although I feel like I need to do a few more Insanity workouts first!


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