Sunday, June 5, 2011

Me Made June Day 4

Today I realized that I really, really need to beef up my non-dressy, me-made wardrobe. I tend to make a lot of skirts and dresses because they're cute. That wasn't necessarily a problem during the school year, when I pretty much had to be dressed up every day for work, but now that it's summer break I need more casual stuff. When I woke up today, my first thought was that it would be silly to get dressed up to play Dungeons and Dragons, but fortunately we had other things on the agenda...

The Facts

Fabric: A linen/polyester blend from the remnants bin at my local Yardage Town. I pounced on it because I loved the pattern and colors (red and white are over-represented in my me-made wardrobe), but with only one yard of it, I ended up saving it for a while wondering what I could possibly eke out of it. I was just about resigned to it being a permanent part of my stash, when I discovered the Marie skirt pattern (free!) at BurdaStyle (pattern review here).

Notions: Invisible zipper, thread, interfacing

Cost: About $5, with the fabric and zipper. So sad that bedsheets are about three times the fabric for the same price.

Time to complete: A few hours, but it really shouldn't have taken more than two. The instructions for the pattern were just indecipherable, so I ended up cobbling it together based on my limited skirt-construction knowledge.

First worn: For April book club, where the ladies were very encouraging about the weird zipper insertion.

Where'd you go today in this outfit? Our church had its independence celebration service this afternoon, giving me an excuse to dress up! Good thing, because it would've been ridiculous to wear this to game in.

Good things about this outfit: I love the fabric and pleats, and I think the idea is really cute.

Things that weren't so good: Unfortunately, the skirt's weird hem, bubbly zipper insertion, and restriction of my stride really got to me today. Also, this is one of my favorite tops, but I discovered that there's an unfortunate oil stain on the front for some reason! If I move around and the light is shadowy, it doesn't show.

Would you wear this outfit again? To be honest, probably not, for all the reasons mentioned above. I don't think it's worth trying to salvage the skirt, but I'll sleep on it until the end of MMJ just in case.


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