Friday, March 2, 2012

Sewing with Small Human Being Update

Remember SHB and her little heart pillow? Well, we've been meeting up on Wednesdays after school for the last few weeks, and her enthusiasm for sewing is unabated. Her seams are straighter and her ambition knows no bounds. We've been working on keeping her seam allowances even and it's kind of working. We've done some "pattern-making" from her ideas, like with this purse:

Her initial design sketch with dimensions, which I then helped her visualize into the beginnings of a "pattern." She was pretty quick on the uptake when it came to discussing seam allowance and sewing it right sides together.

The resulting product even looks like the picture (shown here without the strap, which was sewn on later). She sewed the button and buttonhole herself!

(Sorry about the picture quality; these were all taken with my iPhone in non-natural lighting.)
We ironed interfacing to the inside so it would be stiffer, then did the corners so that it can stand up on its own.

Her family is going to Hawaii this summer, so for the last two weeks she worked on (with lots of help) a little muumuu (her own design; I would never foist a muumuu on anyone, no matter how easy they are to make) for herself. When I saw the Hawaiian-print rayon she had chosen, I have to admit I quailed a little inside, since that is some slippery, non-stable stuff. Well, we made a "pattern" from one of her existing dresses, and she cut, pinned, and sewed everything (except the curvier parts of the bias binding) all by herself. We talked about the importance of pressing seams, and marveled at how much better everything looks after pressing. We only pinked the seams inside, since I don't think she was ready for a whole discussion on seam finishes (her mom assured me that this dress probably won't get too much wear, and therefore washing, so hopefully the fabric will last for a season). SHB was so pleased with herself; her enthusiasm is infectious, even for this high school teacher.

We're supposed to work on an elastic waist skirt next, which will be a sight easier than this dress! I love stable, sturdy, non-shifty cottons. Thankfully, since she is a small human being, I can use up some of my yardage leftovers that are too small for me to use. Which vintage sheet will she choose??


  1. Wow, it sounds like she is doing wonderfully well! I'm so glad! :)

  2. i think it's wonderful how much work you have been putting in with her.

  3. How cute! She sounds like quite the little budding seamstress.

  4. What a lovely little dress that SHB made! She must be quite proud! I think it is so awesome that you are sharing your love of sewing with the next generation. She is so blessed to have your instruction:)

  5. wow, what a great student! I do love the motivated ones :)

    I should show this to Syo... she keeps making little purses over and over again, but hasn't shown much interest in progressing.

  6. I'm impressed! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun together!

  7. Thanks, everyone! SHB is definitely having fun and dreaming grand dreams as well :)

    She wore the dress to church today and everyone was floored that she had made it herself!

  8. You are braver than me to take on a SHB like that! Glad it's been fun. I wanted to let you know that I'm nominating you for a Liebster Blog Award - I'll confess I have a huge blog crush on you and your fearless making and fantastic writing... Thanks for inspiring me! (Even though I am a Large Human Being). Feel free to pass the award along (guidelines on my post about it), or just bask in the glory!

  9. Aww sounds like you are both having a great time! SHB is a great student, you are very lucky! XxxX


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