Friday, March 9, 2012

Kind of a Giveaway

[EDIT: I wrote this up a couple of nights ago before I'd seen Leah's way awesomer wool skirt giveaway. So at least I know that this idea isn't totally bogus, but maybe it only works if it's not a two year old skirt made from an old sheet with mysterious origins. Go enter the giveaway for her brand new, non-thrifted, not polyester pencil skirt!]

Totally random, but I thought I'd throw this out there.'s a little wrinkled from being squished into my too-small closet.

Back: check out my beginner attempts at pattern-matching at that center seam!

I made this half-circle skirt two years ago out of a thrifted sheet, but apparently I didn't know how to measure myself properly back then. It's a very nice skirt, but when I wear it I can't breathe. And breathing is something I'm rather attached to. I think I've only worn it a couple times (for me-made challenges, when I'll wear anything just to make it through the month), and both times I was dying the whole time. So, before I bring my bag of donations to Goodwill, would anyone out there happen to want it? I'd love for it to go to a good home where someone can appreciate that it's home-made, even if I'm not your grandma, sewing love into every stitch.

Waist: 25.5"
Length: 22.5" from the bottom of the waistband
Fabric: thrifted sheet, so I'm guessing it's a 50/50 poly-cotton blend...very machine washable!
Construction information: half circle skirt, 7" topstitched white zipper with a silver pull in the center back, 1" high, topstitched, interfaced waistband with a hook and eye on the tab, seam allowance in the center back is pinked, all other edges are enclosed, baby hem

Close-up of the zipper and the waistband back.

Hook and eye on the waistband. Hmm, that hook isn't looking so sturdy. It may need to be resewn. Actually, on second thought, a hook and bar would have been a better choice here.

The lobster that Eric won for me in one of those infamous claw machines (little green Toy Story aliens: "The Claaaaawww!") is being helpful and holding up the skirt so you can see how wide the hem is.

It's very thin fabric, and white to boot, so you'd definitely need to wear a half-slip underneath it. It does skim the hips nicely, though, and I love the autumnal-colored flowers on it. I'm sad to let it go, but I don't want to keep it around for fifteen years waiting for an imaginary daughter who may or may not even want to wear it. If you (or someone you know) want it, just say so. If for some reason more than one person wants it, I'll have Walnut pick a winner. If no one wants it and y'all are just sitting there staring at your screen wondering why on earth this lady thinks so highly of herself that she thinks anyone would want her cast-offs, I'll bring it into Goodwill next week. Which, I realize, is still me trying to foist my unwanted clothes on someone else, but just anonymously.


  1. Oh it's preeettttyyyy! But I would literally need to remove a rib to get into that skirt. But I liiiiikkkkkeeee it. Life it hard, sometimes. But thank you for the shout out! You are too kind. I'm off to go shame eat and then cry in the bathroom, like you do. Happy Friday.

  2. Lovely, lovely find! I would really like to rock it :D


  3. Aw- the work on it is so nice, but there's simply no way I'd fit into it. ;)

    I gave away a dress like that once... It fit and everything, but the print didn't make me happy.

    Sometimes I think I should fill an etsy shop with projects like that, odds and ends so it all goes to a good home...

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous. Sadly I'd also need stop eating for at least 3 month to fit into it, so nevermind, but it is a great offer :-)

  5. I have done the measurements and I think I would fit me and as it is the start of autumn in Australia it would be perfect. I am happy to pay the shipping costs as I live in Melbourne. Many thanks for the chance


  6. Ooh, ooh! I can fit in that! Pick me, it's super cute!

    rmscasale at gmail dot com

  7. Ohhhhh I would love to get my hands on one of your handmades!!! It looks very pretty on you, but my waist is 27"! omggggggggg. LOL. I have too learnt that being able to breathe is very important when wearing a garment.

  8. I -could- fit it, but I'm already trying to both give away clothes to goodwill AND make my own clothes and improve on my skills. So I'm glad other bloggers want it!
    I really like how you ended this post, realizing Goodwill is foisting castoffs anonymously! very funny :)

  9. Love it, and if I had a 25.5" waist (haha!) and could wear all those autumn colours, I'd be on it like a kākāpō on a TV zoologist. Sadly, as neither of those is the case, I'll just be glad that some other people like it and it is going to a good home!

  10. Wow that skirt is gorgeous, I'd love it, its so beautifully made! I assure you it would definitely go to a good home!! How can I go about getting my hands on it!?!? XxxX


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