Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Geek Indulgence #1: Apparel

According to the Speak Out With Your Geek Out, there are some things you can do to SOWYGO when you're offline, too -- among them being to wear something geeky from your closet. I love this, since one of my favorite things about being a science teacher is getting to wear all manner of science-y tee-shirts. I have quite a collection, which may not be helpful for my closet, but makes me happy and certainly does start conversations when I wear them out into the real world. Here they are!

From Threadless:
"Planetary Status"

"Lab Partners"

"Tasty Table"
"We Are Made of Carbon"

From ThinkGeek:


"Mordorable"(Okay, this is LOTR geekdom, not science, but still!)
"The Solution"

I always have to explain that I'm a chemistry teacher, and not a terrorist.
I love this because I actually love learning about gold rush era diseases (epidemiology geek!) more than Oregon Trail.

And from The Nerdiest Shirts:

LOL-catted Schrodinger's cat, which incidentally always makes me a little sad because the cat might be dead :(

When the amazing Casey Brown of Casey's Elegant Musings did a series on people's cherished collections, I remember thinking that I didn't really have any good collections. Well, now I realize I do; it's just not particularly vintage! On the sad, sad day when I'm too old to wear screen-print tees (is there such an age?) I will make these into a cherished tee-shirt quilt.


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