Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Nouveau Party Dress

Thank God, nothing horrible happened while I did the sixteen feet of hem on this dress! I was deathly afraid as I trimmed and hemmed and ironed, but I'm happy to report that I didn't manage to cut a hole in the skirt. Also, it's a good thing I let it hang overnight. I know you're supposed to, but honestly none of my dresses in the past have had any noticeable stretching. This one definitely did, though!
Look at how wonky that got!

I've already talked a lot about this dress and its undergarment, so here are all the pictures. The dress debut was quite successful; I felt so pretty and swishy all day! It held up surprisingly well all day, but I did notice a couple things. First, the petticoat waistband started digging in a little bit by the end of the night. Second, all the layers of skirt take up a surprising amount of space when I'm seated. I don't know how Southern belles did it with their eighteen yards of skirt.
Back view.

Top of the back.
Back of the cummerbund, with the bow slightly off-kilter.
Side view.
So twirly! Note that I had to switch shoes to twirl so vigorously.

I love that the whole outfit was super cheap (with the exception of the shoes, which are actually my wedding shoes!); the dress fabric was $3, the petticoat $5, the cummerbund all materials I already had, and my earrings were from the dollar store! Even the cardigan was $10 during an awesome AE sale. The pearls were a gift from my mom many years ago. And ummm, the shoes were more than everything else combined. But they make me four inches taller, so they're awesome. Even though after an hour I want to saw my feet off. I have no idea how I walked around all day in them for my wedding.

Requisite buddy pic with my husband.
After the lovely wedding, time catching up with friends and family, and a lot of driving, I am happy to be back in LA. Walnut was so happy to see us; he keeps trying to sit on my husband's textbook in order to get as close as possible. Unfortunately for him, I cheated on him with my first feline love, our family cat Fenxi.

He is gray and white and pink, just like my dress!


  1. OMG! You are so beautiful, Cindy! This is my favorite dress of yours (sorry landscape Anthro dress; I still love you)! The bow is the sweetest touch! Nice work!!

  2. This is totally my favorite dress too!! You are so talented Cindy! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. so pretty, and the fit is perfect! Good to know, about the hanging overnight. I've never attempted anything like that yet, but now I want to.

  4. SO BEAUTIFUL! I love thrifty creations so totally congratulations! I would be TOTALLY so proud to make this! Twirl in style! xoxo

  5. I love what you have done here! I must try that with my 5845 and make a big skirt. Is that a full cirle skirt? I also like how you have changed the front as well, its like a square now?

  6. I just saw this for the first time because of your guest post - OMG this sheet is the shit! You really did an amazing job with your pattern placement. I've been sheet hunting lately too but most of them are only good for muslins, though the day I found a pristine white Egyptian cotton queen sheet with a slight dot made my week.

  7. Gorgeous!! I just had a wonderful vintage sheet hunting and picked up some awesome tablecloths also. I can't wait to transform them.


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