Monday, June 6, 2011

Me Made June Day 6

Today was an errands sort of day in preparation for our impending honeymoon/one-year anniversary trip to Europe, so I wanted something comfy. This is one of my few non-dressy me-made things, and actually one of my first refashions. Surprisingly, I still like it. Usually I look back at my older work and am sorta horrified.

The Facts

Fabric: I got this XXL three-quarter sleeve t-shirt dress from Old Navy on super sale. I cut it down and had plenty of fabric left for the ruffle and some other projects.

Notions: buttons to go on top of the ruffle (kind of obscured, though) and thread

Cost: About $7, but only because the buttons were so huge.

Pattern: I cut off the sleeves and cut the sides down drastically, although I let it slope out to the hem of the skirt so I could keep the fullness. It does look a little sack-like though, so I like it with a belt.

Time to complete: 1 hour

First worn: May 2010? Something like that.

Where'd you go today in this outfit? Target, the bank, dinner with friends

Good things about this outfit: It's super comfy, but not sloppy (at least, I don't think so!), and if I switch out the belt and shoes, or add a cardigan, it takes on a different look.

Things that weren't so good: The ruffles have gotten stretched out after all the washing, so they're totally covering the buttons. I need to stitch them back down.

Would you wear this outfit again? I already wear it all the time, so I think I will probably continue.


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