Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Me Made June, Day 28

Wow, I can't believe June is almost over already! Even though I'm not technically starting school this fall (for the first time in twenty-some-odd years!), I still feel a little bit of the "one-third of summer is gone already!" panic. But, it also means that MMJ is wrapping up. I'm kind of excited, frankly, because I have so many other summery things that I've been waiting to wear that aren't me-made. Most of it being jersey sundresses :\ I guess I know what I need to make more of for next year? I am also getting tired of being restricted to the same couple of tops (another serious lack that I've discovered), even though I have plenty of skirts. Also, I feel like most of my me-made dresses are so distinctive that they're not things I would wear multiple times in a month.

With that said, Day 28's outfit is a repeat of Day 15. What can I say? I really love this skirt. And this top. And this belt. Plus, the whole outfit is cheap ($6, $2, and $1 respectively). I was going for an Anthropologie-esque look, as seen here. Too bad I don't have a vineyard to go poking through.

The top was a simple kimono sleeve tee with a v-neck and absolutely no seam-finishing...this is why I love working with knits. The skirt I refashioned from an absolutely enormous tent-like dress that I found at Goodwill. It seriously could've fit two of me, but I got super-excited because 1) the largeness of the dress meant a swishier maxi-skirt, and boy do I love a swishy skirt, and 2) I am in love with the fabric. Super drapey and soft, but meant to be a little wrinkly (makes it perfect for traveling)...the top tier has little fish, the second tier is leaves, and the third tier has LITTLE UNICORN DRAGON HIPPOCAMPI. I mean seriously, it doesn't get any better than a mythological creature mash-up!

Look, it's got a horn, scales, and some giant fan-tail thing!
To refashion this dress, I cut off the top portion, leaving about two inches of the dotted bodice fabric all the way around. I folded down this part to the skirt top, then sewed it all the way around to make a casing for some 1-inch elastic that I cut to fit my waist. This automatically gathered up the top of the skirt, and now I have a fantastic (in more ways than one) swishy skirt that I didn't even have to hem!

One more tiny thing: I love the earrings I'm wearing. One of my bridesmaids, Nikki, is a fantastic architect and has access to a laser cutter, so she made these beautiful cutout wood earrings! They always make me happy when I wear them.

Click on the photo for a better look at Nikki's work!


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