Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guest Post: Puu's Door of Time!

I'm drinking tea in England, but that doesn't mean things are going to be quiet over here at Cation Designs! I've got some spectacular guest bloggers filling in for me over the next week. Devra would be a prime example of  someone I would want to be friends with IRL: she's got the same geeky interests as me, an adorable cat, and excellent taste in wall murals. I suggested that my guest bloggers write a little something related to sewing and/or traveling, and she totally followed directions and turned in her post early. As a teacher, I love that! Devra, take it away!

i think my crowning achievement, packing-wise, is not how many books i can fit into my carry-on bag...

yeah, that is my carry-on for a one-day trip.

...but how many me-made combos i can fit into the wardrobe planning.  i knew i had succeeded last summer when, as i was leaving for las vegas to celebrate my grandfather's 86th birthday (true story), my boss looked at my weekend bag and said, "you packed for the entire weekend in that bag?  my wife's carry-on wouldn't even be that small."

you bet i did.  booyah.

so my typical strategy for the time-honored mini-break is a mini-wardrobe, usually inspired by one of my 50s playsuit patterns:


butterick 8170

and vogue 7967

i always cut my fabric stingily and save the scraps so that i have plenty left over for little tops and tricks to go with solid color shorts and skirts.  my go-to 50s top patterns are vogue 6453 and advance 8309, which give me a fairly endless combination of tops and bottoms.

of course, planning for a real trip, not just a weekend of fun, sun and shopping, gets more complicated.  i mean, the shoe combinations ALONE...

how exactly does one fit a pair of thigh-high boots into a suitcase for a 4-day trip, anyway??!

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into me-made wardrobe planning for traveling, Devra! Color me carry-on for this trip, which I was pretty proud of, suddenly pales in comparison to your skills. Oh, and I want to steal your boots! Hmmm, have you all noticed a pattern here? I want to make off with items from all of my guest bloggers!


  1. Love it and something I am definitely thinking about for my pcoming vacation! Which pattern did you use for the white top in the second to last photo?

    1. simplicity 2034, from the 1940s. i've (obviously) made it a few times as well as the skirt that is featured on the pattern envelope.

      simplicity 2034 and 2571

  2. Cute outfits and I love your vintage patterns! I guess you just have to wear the boots on the plane trip there & back - then you don't have to fit them in a bag. =)

    1. i am pretty sure that is what i ended up doing, but cannot remember how well the TSA took to my crazy boots!! :-)


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