Saturday, December 17, 2011

Because I Needed Another Hobby: Embroidery

Remember how I used to hate hand-sewing? Remember how I used to put off projects just because I needed to hand-pick the zipper? Remember how it used to still takes me hours to stitch a lining down? Well, it's all winter's fault (my sewing room is always at least ten degrees colder than the living room), but I've picked up embroidery. Which, you know, is all about making stitches with your hand. But it's so exciting to make pictures take shape right under you very eyes! For some reason, a cute picture appearing is way more appealing than trying to make invisible picks on a zipper that refuses to line up at the waist.

I chose Simon's Cat for my first embroidery project; I swear, if you watch any of the Simon's Cat films, that IS Walnut. Except that Walnut is an indoor-only cat. But anyway, the simple line-art seemed perfect for my first attempt. I found Sublime Stitching's how-to page invaluable for a beginner; I mostly did stem stitches and back stitches with an attempt at a satin stitch for Cat's mouth. Can I just say, I have so much more appreciation for kimono makers and wedding dress makers now?

His fingers were quite tricky. Also, I cannot for the life of my make a French knot, so his pupils are quite tiny.

My stitches got neater as I went.

Look at the mess on the back!

So, minutes after finishing this piece, I sketched up another one. I think it's safe to say I'm addicted. There's something really nice and cozy about evenings sitting in front of the fireplace, embroidering a cute cat while watching a History Channel special about human sacrifices. Now I just need to get more colors of floss, since I currently have only red and black. How emo. And I might need to invest in a better hoop, as I'm currently using a 25-cent wooden one from the thrift store. Why is it that new hobbies usually mean another trip to the store? At least floss is cheap.


  1. OMG. You like Simon's Cat too? I swear we must be long lost twins! Love this!!! Did you draw the pattern yourself? It's brilliant!

  2. Debi, we really need to meet someday! I made the cat pattern based on his video showing how to draw Cat.


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