Saturday, November 21, 2015


*sheepish wave*

Ahem, sorry for just disappearing after announcing the Put A Cat On It Sew Along! Halfway through October, I suddenly discovered that I was in charge of costuming my high school's theater production; it had previously been canceled, which was why I thought I had time to run a sew along. Of course, it would be re-booted, but with a different play that required more costumes...but that's a story for another post. Also because my first project was a fail (thanks to mis-measured seam allowances), and then the play took over my life for the rest of the month, I didn't actually sew anything for myself or Walnut. *gasp* Go ahead, award me the Worst Sew Along Host Ever award.

At any rate, here I am, back to say that WOW, I am loving what you guys have made to show your love for cats! I did my best to round up all the IG, Flickr, and blog posts that I could find, but if you sewed and I didn't catch you, post a link in the comments and I'll add you to the prize drawing pool!

Category 1,  Cat Print Fabrics: This category was terrible because all of your guys' projects made me want to go out and buy more fabric.

Adrienne made a cat skirt for Halloween (the perfect time of year to wear cats!):

Megan made good use of the Gertie cat chiffon and made a delightfully swishy circle skirt:

If skirts aren't your thing, there's also this running top that Sarah Jane made for herself:

She also made a pair of leggings from the same fabric for her daughter...lucky girl!

And if like me, cold days make you want to snuggle at home instead of go out running, check out the flannel jammies and neck warmer (with tutorial!) that Laura whipped up:

Chrichrimano made a Seamwork Akita top from this cool neutral fabric with "cattish leopard animals" on it.

While I can see how the no-waist-definition look might not suit everyone, I still think it looks cute! Speaking of cute, check out Cari's little boy!

And then if you're not so into wearing your cats, Ginny made a very useful pouch with a perfectly centered black cat:

Category 2, Feline Design Elements: AKA, I am seriously in awe of the patience of quilters and embroiderers!

Lemonadefish made several awesome quilt blocks featuring quilts, so you should definitely check out her Instagram, but this is my favorite because it's cat-on-cat.

Ms. Lusty's appliqued mini-quilt is also gorgeous:

AJmeows made several items for this category: a cat quilt block,

a cat hat,

and a cat dress! I think I'm going to die now. Why didn't I have a little girl?

After a brief dabble in embroidery, I sort of forgot all about it, but Erica's adorable embroidered cats for a baby quilt make me want to take it up again, you know, in my copious amounts of free time...

Molly's embroidery of a cat head peeking out of her shirt pocket was directly inspired by her cat Potato:

A photo posted by Molly Pruess (@mtoferet) on

Category 3, Actually For Cats: There were only a couple of sewing projects that fell in this category, but I seriously love them.

The Purling Princess made Halloween-themed bandannas for her cats so that they could be festive for Halloween. They're made to go over breakaway collars, which is awesome, and she made a tutorial, which is even more awesome:

It's a black cat wearing a black cat print meta is that?

The Fabric of Time made the most adorable little tents for her cats. I'm seriously tempted to make matching ones for Walnut and SHB!

It's like a Portal game, but with cats!

Okay, that's all I could find...let me know if I missed you. I'll announce the winners on Friday after Thanksgiving!


  1. Yay cats! Hope the play turned out well. I'm surprised your school doesn't just rent costumes, I'm pretty site that's what mine always did

    1. We did rent some costumes, but we also wanted to experiment with building a small costume wardrobe. I think it went okay, but of course I'm always thinking about ways to improve!

  2. I was worried that something bad happened to you, hence your absence. I'm really glad everything is ok. Looking forward to hearing about the play. Thanks for hosting the sew-along!
    Kaela (

    1. I suppose I should have posted a brief heads-up, but I was so swamped I didn't even think about it!

  3. Glad to hear you survived the survived the play... how did it end up going?
    Those cat tents are amazing!!! I think I need one...

    1. I think Walnut needs one too! TBH, I kind of wanted to experiment with making a human-sized tent...then I realized that REI makes them.

  4. Want to see play costumes! At least throw some up on instagram. Youth theater costuming is the other thing I do, which explains why although I had a pattern and fabric to make a lounge ball cave for Miss Ida, I made a steamship hat and an armored leg for a high school play.
    Does it count if the items have the cat sitting on them in a photo? The cat puts herself on it, not the other way around.

    1. Ooh, I may need to pick your brain about your experiences! I am eventually going to get some pictures, just waiting for the garments to come back from the dry cleaner and the yearbook photographer to get me the pictures!


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