Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Most Excellent and Audacious Hobbit

I just can't seem to stop with the Middle Earth crafting! What can I say, SHB needed more pillows and the pillows needed covers, so if I'm going to be doing home dec sewing, I might as well make it more interesting. And fifty times more involved, so that a should-be-twenty-minutes project turns into a whole weekend project.

SHB has discovered the fun of crashing face-first into a pile of pillows; now that he's very mobile, he assumes that there will be a pillow every time he falls over. The only solution then (because you can't reason with a nine month old) is to put pillows everywhere in his room, in hopes that at least one of them will be in the right place at the right time. However, he also likes crashing with his mouth open and tongue sticking out, so the pillows need washable covers. I've had these geeky pillows in the back of my mind for years now, so this was my excuse to make my own. The free cylindrical bolster that came with our bedding set meant that I could make it slightly more hobbit-shaped, and less Bombur-shaped. I didn't have a specific outfit in mind when I planned it out; it was more or less dependent on the fabrics I had available, but it's probably most similar to Frodo's costume when he first sets out in FOTR.

A closer look at his waistcoat, complete with faux welt pockets. His hand's curve obviously needs more work, but I wasn't going to redo them. This is only a pillow cover, after all. 
His hair was the most tedious to sew. Why do hobbits have such messy curly mops of hair?
The back of his cape opens up with a velcro closure so that I can remove the pillow. 

Pattern: My own, my precious!
Fabric: I cut up some old tees (that donation pile is really shrinking, thanks to SHB's clothing, my new undies, and this project!) and used some other scraps from my stash, so this pillow is very eco-friendly! I think that's fitting, as we know all hobbits share a love for things that grow, which I think would extend to being generally green.
Notions: Steam-A-Seam Lite to help hold things in place before stitching them down, velcro for the back closure, and four tiny 1/2" brass buttons for the waistcoat, because even though this is supposed to be Frodo, it's a nice nod to Bilbo's that were lost in The Hobbit.
Hours: Eight? A whole weekend's worth of naps and evenings, but totally worth it!
Total cost: $0!
Final thoughts: If only all home dec sewing was so fun! One could argue that I should just make it so, but I think Mr. Cation might have a word or two to say about having our entire house look like my college dorm room...

Of course, I had to make all the relevant parties take a picture with the newest member of the family:

Smaug and the wrong Baggins. Also, figures not to scale. 
"Samwise, where are you? There's a gangle creature coming for me! It has an ill-favored look, skulking about like that."
"Help, he's knocked me over! Which isn't very hard to do, since apparently I can't even walk without falling over in the movies."
"What has it got in its nasty little pocketses?"
"Curses! It doesn't have the precious, the filthy hobbitses! Gollum, gollum."
"We like goblinses, batses and fishes. But we hasn't tried Hobbitses before. Is it soft? Is it juicy?"
The answer is yes, yes it is tasty.

And another Walnut bonus:

Frodo and Samwalnut are ready to set off for Mt. Doom. Samwalnut is skeptical about the choice of a guitar case for carrying luggage, though. 

"I can't carry the ring for you, Mr. Frodo, and I can't carry you're kind of awkward and unwieldy!"

I promise I've been sewing real clothes, but it's just so hard to arrange for picture-taking time these days!


  1. Fun! And SHB as Gollum is hilarious. I agree, if you're going to sew home Dec, you might as well have fun with it!

    1. Babies make excellent Gollums, seeing as how it's acceptable for them to go naked and crawl around...

  2. Fun! And SHB as Gollum is hilarious. I agree, if you're going to sew home Dec, you might as well have fun with it!

  3. ROFL! I love your photo series stories!

    The pillow is so cool - such a great way to make a boring project fun! Why be square when you can complicate it? ;)

    ~ Brooke

    1. I think I have way too much fun putting them together. Glad you enjoy them though!

  4. This is too cute! Love all the details on the pillow, and you should probably win a prize for best photo captions.

  5. HILARIOUS!!! The photos are awesome!

  6. This is amazing!!
    I'm really impressed with the hair and the waistcoat, wow.

    And SHB is growing up into quite a handsome little guy :)

    1. Your little ones are quite the lookers themselves! The hair and waistcoat were definitely tricky but worth it in the end for the visual impact.

  7. Love love love...the pillows, SHB, your fun writing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. It's too bad we can't put together all the LOTR things we've ever made...the Eye of Sauron cheesecake, the Barad-dur tree, the throne, and all these pillows. It would be so epic!


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