Friday, May 1, 2015

SHB Sew-Along Wrap Up

A common theme among moms seems to be Where Did The Time Go: how is it that SHB is almost ready to crawl, how is it that the nap is over already and all I've done is browse FB and Pinterest, how is it that April is over and the SHB Sew-Along is theoretically done? Something about the sleep deprivation, I think.

At any rate, it's May! The AP exams start Monday and my job is more or less done (one more review session tomorrow, and then it's out of my hands), but somehow amid the madness of exam prep, concert-going, and trying to keep an eye on a suddenly mobile SHB, I managed to do more sewing than I ever expected to do. Part of that is due to Mr. Cation's family being in town and willing to play with SHB, but a lot of it is actually due to the feeling camaraderie that the sew-along inspired. I loved seeing what people were coming up with on IG and Flickr and blogs, which in turn made me excited to create as well. Besides the shirts and costume, I've also made a couple of toys, a toy basket, and a Boppy cover, and I still have suck pads cut out that need to be sewn up. As predicted, I didn't end up making anything for me, but that's fine, because the momentum of this month will hopefully translate into more selfish sewing in the future. I'll share my complete list (and photos) of Category 2 makes just as soon as I finish those suck pads, but in the meantime...

If you've been sewing along this month and haven't done so already, head on over to Mikhaela's blog to post a link to your creations. We'll be selecting our favorites in each category (Baby Clothing, Baby Accessories, and Parent Items) to win subscriptions to Ottobre Kids magazine, and a couple of random winners to get PDF copies of the Oliver & S Lullaby Layette pattern. More details in Mikhaela's post. I can't wait to see all the cute little items (or large selfish items?) that you all have made this past month!


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