Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cat Sweater Finale

And now, to close out Put A Cat on It! week, is there anything that screams winter holidays! more than a red sweater with black velvet accents?

I originally wanted to have each of my cat pieces this week utilize a different technique (I've used fusible web applique with machine stitching, fabric marker, and applique with hand-stitching), but I couldn't keep it up. In the end, machine-stitching an applique is just so much easier and faster, especially when a shape is this large and simple. Stitching the tiny cat applique was tricky because of all the tiny points of "fur" on the silhouette, but this cartoonish cat shape was a breeze to do.

I traced this shape onto 1/3 yard of black velour, then pinned it to the front and stitched around the edge with the machine. I didn't want to fuse the whole thing since I was afraid it would ruin the lovely soft drape of the sweater, so it's slightly saggy in the middle. If you want to make your own large cat sweater, download the file here!

This sweater is another one of my mom's cast-offs; it's a lovely soft cashmere that unfortunately had a large stain on the front and a couple of moth holes on the cuffs. I did my best to patch up the holes and covered up the stain with a black velour cat. I also found the original turtleneck to be chokingly tight, so I cut off that ribbed portion, folded over the edge, and stitched it down. I love it when sweaters show just a little bit of collarbone, even if it's impractical for winter weather. Also, to add just a little bit more Christmas feel (because black velvet bow = festive?), I added a back cutout and a ribbon.

Unfortunately, I fail at tying the ribbon such that the velvet side stays facing out.
Close-up of my dubious ribbon attachment. I cut a slit down the back after hemming the neckline. After I attached the ribbon, I cut out the rest of the keyhole and turned and stitched that down. My original inspiration for the back cutout and ribbon came from this pin

When I modeled the finished sweater for my brother, he looked dubious and pronounced that well, it wasn't actually that ugly. I think he thought that it was meant to be an Ugly Christmas Sweater that failed at being ugly, and not a Wearing It Seriously In Real Life Christmas Sweater. Ah well. Boys.

I actually considered sewing on a little gold bell onto the cat, but decided that would be overkill. 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing so many cats on things! I've had tons of fun trying to think of different ways to put cats on my clothes; I've been limited not by ideas, but by how many plain tops that I could find for cattifying. Thanks for all the lovely comments you've left affirming your love of cat fashion and cats in general! Walnut appreciates the love. Kind of. I mean, as much as cats can really appreciate that kind of thing.

Walnut really, really, really did not appreciate being woken up from his nap to take pictures. I mean, look at his face!
Come on, Walnut, Christmas is the time for peace and goodwill! 
How about leaving me to nap in peace, you be-cat-sweatered freak?
Look at how much hair he left on my black cat. 

*shrugs* Life with cats...what can you say? 


  1. lol - the series of Walnut photos with great captions!

    I love the back detail on this sweater! And of course, the velour kitty on the front is adorable. =) I like the fact that you didn't fuse the applique - it would have be a little stiff looking with a shape that large. (If the sagging bugs you, next time add a light interfacing to the shape but don't fuse it to the shirt.)

    (I cut off the turtleneck on one of my red sweaters too, and it made it so much better!)

  2. I hadn't even thought about cutting off a turtleneck sweater! We rarely have turtleneck weather and I have a sweater that would get so much more wear if only... I'm off to find my scissors...

  3. Love it, Love it love your blog love your tutorials and patterns and especially the 'put a cat on it' Walnut is so beautiful (just like my Alfie, but he is ginger and white) Many thanks for all your inspiration and motivation look forward to more next year as I catch up with you daily.
    Hope you and your's have a wonderful Christmas, wishing you health peace and joy

  4. Oh, Walnut! He's not embracing his inner model :) I really love this sweater! What a great refashion! I especially love the keyhole in the back!

  5. It has been an absolute delight to watch "Put a cat on it" week! I'm a dog person, but I've loved all of your designs. I wish there were more to look forward to! :)

  6. these posts have been really fun! i love the keyhole and ribbon tie on this one, that's a great idea!

  7. Walnuts face - lol! The cutest "Christmas Sweater" I've ever seen - won't need one myself though - we're expecting 27-30ºC (approx 80-85ºF) Christmas Day here in Wellington, NZ - more likely to need a "Christmas Swimsuit" - ohh, now there's an idea!
    Thanks for the award, and have a great holiday break.

  8. "Cattify" totally should be a regular word. Then we could talk about "Cattification"!

  9. Walnut has expressed his displeasure by plastering his fur on your black cat, thereby inadevertently participating in Put a Cat on it week!! lol! ^_^ I love the sweater; it's awesome that the back is just as sweet as the front :)

  10. Fabulous, love the cut-out! What a great range of cat stuff! Now I'm dying to Put A Cat On It and I know just what project too... will I ever get to it though? Gosh I hope so! And if I do, you'll get full credit for the inspiration!

  11. Brilliant!! I've loved all the "Put a cat on it's", what a great idea!

  12. I wish this week didn't have to end and you could put a cat on something for every day of the year :) I enjoyed these posts!


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