Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gallivanting About the UK!

Imitating the puzzled top lion's expression during last year's trip.
By the time you read this post, I will be either on the plane to, or already in, the grand city of London. Yes, that's right, a week into the school year, and I'm on vacation already! This is our last opportunity for a big trip before my husband goes back to school, and we are revisiting the city we fell in love with on our honeymoon/one-year anniversary trip. After our good food, castle and history-heavy trip last year, our appetites for Old World travel were whetted (it was my first time in England and France, and while I've been to Greece before, it doesn't have quite the same feel as all those cathedrals and palaces), and we kept talking about going back one day. Well, Mr. Cation's dad graciously donated his unused miles to us so that we could take a nice trip before school started up again in earnest; it was just enough to get us back to London! We're also taking a train ride over to Edinburgh to see still more castles and museums, so it's going to be a packed couple of weeks for us.

While I'm off having tea and crumpets with Jane and Debi, some of my lovely sewing blogger friends will be stepping in for me here at Cation Designs! They will be sharing their insights, humor, and awesome-sauce (is that at all like clotted cream?) for your reading pleasure. I'm so thankful to have such great friends in the sewing blogiverse! Here is the amazing line-up for the next two weeks:

8/22: Neeno, of Sew Me Love
8/23: Brooke, of Custom Style
8/24: Tina, of Down the Retro Rabbit Hole
8/25: Devra, of Puu's Door of Time
8/27: Justine, of Sew Country Chick
8/28: Andrea, of Four Square Walls
8/29: Meg, of Meg the Grand
8/30: Leah, of Struggle Sews a Straight Seam

I told you it was an all-star line-up! Thank you so very much for helping me out, ladies. Readers, believe me when I tell you that you're all in for a treat. And can I just say that arranging for guest bloggers is way more fun than writing up substitute lesson plans? Also, if any of you want to meet up with me in either London or Edinburgh, let me know! I can't make any promises, since we've got a packed itinerary, but you can bet I'll be spending a day at the V&A, oohing and aahing over the pretty pretty textiles...come find me!

You'll find my puddle of drool in front of this gown.


  1. Yay yay. I'm excited to see what the other guest bloggers have in store for us. Be safe and have a great trip!!

  2. Wow I'm first up! Yikes!! I always got anxious at school when I was first up for anything!!! We are going to be so spoilt for the next 8 days!!

  3. I'm so jealous of your trip! Enjoy yourself! :-)

  4. Aaaah, how cool! We went to London and Edinburgh for our honeymoon too (a whole 5 years ago - yikes! time flies) and I'd love to go back. Have a wonderful trip! Scotland is beautiful! And I know it sounds weird, but do try veggie haggis if you see it on a menu - it's so good and way better than real haggis :)

  5. How funny that I'm number two in the line-up - I always like someone else to go first, but I like going near the beginning just to get my turn over with. =)

    Have fun at the V&A and find something cool & fashiony at the gift shop!

  6. Enjoy your trip! And don't drool too much; other admiring sewists might slip. ;-)
    The first photo is so funny I can't write a serious comment...

  7. Wow, I feel pampered! You arranged for guest bloggers!

  8. HAPPY VACATION!!! please have a crumpet for me with debi (and watch she doesn't spike your tea, she's crafty like that).

  9. Have a great time! Wave at me from a great distance - I'm not far from Manchester, so no-where near London or Edinburgh, but it's nice knowing we're on the same small island for a bit :)

  10. Have a most marvelous vacay!!! You and husband deserve it :)


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