Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Slow Winter Days

Even since the days started getting colder, Walnut's taken to sleeping in this corner of the couch. Look at all the hair he's deposited there. I swear I'm a good housekeeper; he just sheds like a maniac.

I've been following Walnut's example and taking things easy while my body recovers. Even so, I've managed to get a couple things done. I'm finally done applique-ing, albeit badly, the pieces onto my Le Petit Prince Quilt. Hah! Remember that old thing? I gave up on it in a fit of pique back in the beginning of September, but it was the perfect break from thinking about dressmaking this week. Since the pieces were all cut out already, it was easy to machine-applique them on; none of this making 2D fabric fit a 3D person to deal with. Also, it was a lot easier to bear doing once I gave up on it being perfect. So here's the quilt top, admittedly not much different from the previous picture:

The birds are all stitched with gold thread and cut from scraps leftover from my dresses.

The prince's face is a victim of my sub-par embroidery.

It's pretty wrinkly around the appliques, mostly because the sheet I used as the base is extremely loosely woven, more gauzy than anything, so it shifted and stretched and pulled like crazy. And I didn't bother using any kind of interfacing or fusible web or anything. Oh well. It's the prince traveling through the universe to different planets, right? I'll just tell myself that all the objects are bending the fabric of space itself. Hah! I crack myself up sometimes. Anyway, I need to figure out what kind of fabric to use for the backing. Or just keep going to thrift stores until a likely sheet turns up.

I've also finally finished my art dress. I'll try to get my husband to take some pictures tomorrow, but we'll see about that since he'll be going out to celebrate the end of finals with his classmates. In the meantime, it's back to admiring my cat.

His big eyes and oversized paws and general fluffiness make him look just like a kitten. Also, is that The Hudge in the background watching him sleep creepy or what?

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  1. Omg can I say amazing job on the quilt! Makes me wanna go to my mother in law's house invade her sewing machine since i dont have my own and make one! I love le petit prince


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