Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going to Tucson!

I'm heading out to Tucson tonight to see one of my best friends, Elaine, who is my dressing up enabler. This time, we're going to the Tucson Zombie Walk. This is my second time doing the Tucson walk; I flew out for it last year too, and before that she drove out to San Diego for a walk yeah, we're kind of crazy.

Fake wounds: acrylic paint and black pepper. No kidding.
We've just been using old t-shirts that I cut up and painted to look gory, but inspired by all the incredible costumes we've seen, this time we're going way more elaborate. At first we were going to go as zombie bride and groom, but then we decided that it would be too much money to get a wedding dress and suit just for this. Since we both have the components necessary for steampunk outifts, though, we decided to just go with that. We haven't figured out yet whether to go as steampunk zombies or steampunk zombie hunters.

I did want to make sure Elaine had a proper steampunk-type gun, though, so I quickly painted up this tiny squirt gun for her. It used to be neon green and orange all over; I covered it all with my acrylic paints except for a little "vial" at the bottom of the barrel. Then it was just a matter of hot-gluing on some bits.

The green vial looks extra science-y.

Recognize the wing element?
I wasn't kidding when I said it was tiny. I think it's from the dollar store.

It'll be a pain lugging all the costume elements to Tucson, but I can't wait to get all dressed to come!


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