Monday, August 15, 2011

The Eric Chan Ice Cream Sandwich Relay Car Rally Improv Extravaganza Birthday Farewell

What a crazy weekend! I feel weird for not having sewn for a week...haha is that bad? That is probably some kind of indication of an addiction of sorts. But I've been having so much fun with my sister visiting, the wedding of two friends from our church, and running my husband's birthday party. Even though there was no sewing, it's still been craft-mania around here. I got recruited into helping out with flowers for the wedding, and my sister kindly agreed to come down to San Diego to help out, since I have no idea what I'm doing.
That took up a good amount of Friday, with a break to go to the Jimmy Eat World concert at the Del Mar racetrack! It was my first time seeing a real concert (the King's Singers at Davies Symphony Hall probably doesn't really count as a "real" concert), complete with crazy jumping up and down, people smoking and drinking all around us (yuck...someone spilled beer on us accidentally), and my ears ringing afterward. But I love JEW, so it was worth it. The wedding took up all of Saturday, what with delivering flowers in the morning, the ceremony, reception, and hanging out afterward. I'll wait to talk about the flowers until I have the official photographer pictures.

On Sunday, my husband and I threw his belated birthday party -- a combo of an obstacle course relay and car rally/scavenger hunt, ending with an improv show -- which involved my big project of the week, a Ticket to Ride-themed program. By my husband's request, I was going for a loosely vintage, generally old-timey, slightly steampunk look. I had so much fun finding appropriate fonts and graphics and putting it all together.

We started out at a local park after lunch, where the teams met for the ice cream eating and obstacle course relay portion. Since we were awarding bonus points for coordinated outfits, some teams went all out.
This team was hardcore.

For the car rally portion, teams were given the booklets I put together, which listed several locations in San Diego that were important to my husband. At each location, teams had to perform a task and take a picture to document it.

Just like in Ticket to Ride, teams could choose whether they wanted to go for the "big ticket" items, which were all pretty far away, or easier tasks that had smaller point values. They got bonuses for completed tickets, and if they located us during the afternoon they got wild cards that were good for one task. The whole thing was dreamed up and put together by my brilliant husband, who, as one friend put it, definitely has the non-Biblical, but still important, gift of making things fun. I loved seeing all our friends enjoy themselves (and get ultra-competitive) trekking around San Diego. We ended the night with an improv show put on by another of his brainchilds (brainchildren?), the improv comedy troupe Still Improv-ing.

This was the perfect way to send ourselves off to LA as well, since now we have pictures of all our friends at our favorite San Diego memories!

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  1. this was awesome and so was the booklet. you guys should start a business. serious. :)


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