Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic-Con 2011

Lego Harry Potter display! My world, in miniature!
COOOOOOOONNNNN!!! Haha, that looks like I yelled a shortened form of raccoon, not a lengthened form of Con. 

Everyone remembers their first Con. I know I always will, because I just went yesterday for the first time ever. It was really everything wonderful, intense, over-stimulating, and crowded that I thought it would be. For a moment (well, several moment), I felt like I was back in Mong Kok in Hong Kong with all the pushing and shoving and turning around only to find that you almost kissed a stranger. But it was lovely to see all the other fans of various obscure animes and independent artists. The level of dedication of some of the other cosplayers made me slightly embarrassed about my Bellatrix costume. I think I definitely need to make another corset, this time with proper boning and everything. That said, my husband and I have decided that we're going to go next year as a steampunk couple! What is it about steampunk that gets guys actually excited about dressing up? Is it the gears, or the giant gadgets, or the guns? I think it's the guns.

Two of my childhood fandoms in one!
Sadly, we didn't actually get into any panels. This is what happens when all we want to do is see the cast of the Big Bang Theory, but there are already 9,000 people in line. However, we had lots of fun just wandering the exhibition hall floor and seeing all the cool things for sale (I got a sexy d20 t-shirt, a new frosted teal d20, a new set of gold-plated miniature dice, and a Slytherin patch for my cape). And, of course, taking pictures with other cosplayers!

Stormtroopers are hardcore. Wearing that outfit all day can't be easy.

With Kaylee and Jayne!
I found a Severus Snape!
I took pictures with some of the displays as well.
A Lego Captain Jack Sparrow!
Can I take a Tardis to Diagon Alley?

As I was wandering the floor, I also came across the movie costume replica booth, where I found another, real-er, version of my costume. It was really too bad that I had to go with the knee-length skirt for Con, but I didn't want to spend the whole day worrying about people stepping on my skirt. People still recognized me as Bellatrix, though, so I got my fair share of people stopping me to ask for pictures. It's so fun feeling like a mini-celebrity, albeit a C- or D-list one, like the kind that might end up on celebrity apprentice. 

After a whole day of wearing my Bellatrix costume, I think I'm definitely ready to retire it. The wig is kind of annoying and scratchy after a while, and the corset makes it hard to sit on the floor. But it was definitely a fun experience to make and wear! Now I need to get ready for my next cosplay project: The Hunger Games movie!
May the odds be ever in your favor!


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