Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Get A Cat! You Get A Cat! You Get A Cat!

Actually, nobody gets real cats...just cat fabric! It's time for the Put A Cat On It! Sew Along winner announcements: I chose a random winner from each category to win a yard of cat fabric from Feline Dezine.

In Category 1, Cat Fabric, congratulations go to Carihomemaker! You get cat fabric!

In Category 2, Cat Design Elements, congratulations go to AJmeows! You get cat fabric!

In Category 3, Cat Accesories, congratulations go to The Fabric of Time! You get cat fabric!

And our final winner, for the "grand prize" of a Spoonflower welcome pack, Megan! You get cat fabric! Well, actually you can get whatever fabric you want; it doesn't have to be cats.

Ladies, please email me at cationdesignsblog[at] so I can arrange to have your prizes sent to you. Thank you to all fourteen of you who participated; it was a small sew along, but $112 has been donated to the SFSPCA from Walnut, so I'm grateful to you all for helping to celebrate his birthday!

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  1. Hi Cindy :) I just wanted to see if you got my email - don't want to bug you though! I know you have a lot going on. I'm just excited, lol.


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