Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Frosting Fortnight and Halloween Prep

Frosting Fortnight

If you follow Steph and Mari, you'll know that these two weeks leading up to Halloween are Frosting Fortnight, a celebration of the frothy confections we love to make but rarely wear. I'm guest posting about bringing whimsy into everyday wear over at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World, so go check out a fifties-era sewing book's advice on the matter!

All of this leads up, of course, to the most frostingest night of the year: Halloween, aka National Dress Up Day. Unfortunately, I'll be traveling next Wednesday so I still haven't decided if I'll be dressing up, but you can bet your whiskers that Walnut will be in costume! If, like me, you're not participating in this year's costuming festivities, you can still celebrate more subtly by sporting some black cat paraphernalia. Last October, I made a super easy black cat necklace and black cat flats, so if you're looking for a quick(ish) craft, you might want to check out my fake-torials:

One more week to decide if I need to whip up a last minute costume...


  1. Please dress up!!!! If not on the 31st then at least on the weekend :) U have wicked costumes!

  2. Sigh. Halloween is a wash-out here. It used to be my favourite holiday, and now there is nothing to do. I'm so envious of you - costume or not!

    BTW, those shoes = SO CUTE!


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