Monday, June 4, 2012

Mathom, Anyone?

As promised, today I continue the blogiversary giveaway, this time by unloading some patterns that are either not my size, not things I'll ever make, or very similar to other, already vetted patterns in my stash. This time, there are four sets up for grabs!

Set 1: skirts! Simplicity 4763, a size 6 juniors' wraparound skirt, circa 1960s, and Butterick 6789, a size 10 straight skirt with pleats and pockets, no idea of the date.

Set 2: work-appropriate attire! Simplicity 6454, a size 14 1/2 top, pants, and skirt, circa 1974, and Vogue 7599, a size 14 jumper, circa 1970s. Golly, you could even wear the jumper over the top over the pants, and then use the skirt as a cape for warmth!

Set 3: a complete size 14 wardrobe! McCalls 9672, a size 14 dress, circa 1969, and Simplicity 6235, a size 14 unlined jacket, top, pants, and skirt pattern, circa 1970s.

Set 4: okay, this one was just because the pattern pictures/illustrations were too funny (also because the patterns were $0.15 at the thrift store, so why not, in hopes that someone might actually find them useful?). If nobody wants them, I'll just keep them around for the amusement. Simplicity Crafts 8211, hippopotamus stuffed toys in different sizes (LIFTING WEIGHTS, NO LESS!), and Simplicity 8944, a size 44 men's shirt pattern (the model could use some lessons from Zoolander), circa 1981.

That's quite some mathom, eh? Here are the rules:
  1. Leave a comment, telling me which set you are in contention for, as well as what you enjoy about my blog. Because it's my blogiversary, I can ask for my ego to be stroked a little bit, right? Alternately, you could tell me that it is not okay to ask for ego-stroking, but then, let's just say that it's highly unlikely that uhhh, will choose your comment as a winner...
  2. This giveaway is open to all geographic locations, with the exception of Antarctica. 
  3. Don't be allergic to cats. I'm pretty sure Walnut slept on the stack of patterns last night, as I've found random hairs stuck to the jaggedy edges of the pattern envelopes. Even though he's hypoallergenic, in today's litigious culture, I don't want to be responsible for anyone going into anaphylactic shock.
  4. Same as previous giveaways: it goes without saying, but you really should be a follower of my blog. I'll assume that you're a follower if you leave a comment. Also goes without saying, but I hope you really intend to sew up the pattern! Please don't win it just so you can turn around and sell it on Etsy, shred it for hamster bedding, or use it to decoupage a Regretsy-esque wooden plaque.

If I somehow find out that you've turned these patterns into a shabby chic lampshade, I'll send Walnut after you with a baseball bat. This is, of course, an empty threat, as cats don't have opposable thumbs for gripping bats. Also, cats would lose interest halfway through the assignment, probably stopping to lick themselves right at the crucial moment.

I'll close the giveaway at the end of the week, on Friday, June 8, 2012, at 11:59 PM PST, and announce the winners on Saturday morning. Again, thanks for reading Cation Designs!


  1. I'm interested in Set one and I love your blog for the following reasons: amazing, whimsical dresses made from fabulous bedsheets, cat humor, geek humor, and all of your fab creations in general. I also adore the Horrockses inspired dress. :)

    1. I would love the last set, with the hippos. I love making softie toys and that is what started me on sewing way back when I was a teenager! I have the perfect leather from upcycled leather coats to use. I love the humour of your blog which I follow on my RSS feed. But the best part is the parts where Walnut gets involved. I have an orange Maine Coon cat that reminds me of Walnut and she is always on something I am sewing. She paws me in the face if I am ignoring her while sewing and wants to be petted!

  2. Hi!
    Great giveaway. I'm very interested in set 3 (Although I chuffing love that hippo doing his workout).

    I get very jealous of your sewing and often pin your makes, as it encourages me to do better with my own escapades -- your cloud print dress is ace and the Artist's Rendering knockoff Dress has made me desperately perform the same eBay search for weeks to find a similar bed sheet.
    Plus Walnut is a dollface.

    Keep up the good work!
    Feel free to look at my attempts at You'll see your blog on my "blogs I follow" page there.

  3. OH MY GOSHHH!! The hippo pattern is stupendous! Did you know they spray poop as a defense mechanism! I love it! Our cat Jheli looks like a miniature hippo, so I would love to make her a little plush friend!

    I also love your blog because it inspires me to create more. I love that you have your day job (which is science related, like me!) and find time to sew so much! It really helps motivate me to finish my projects. Plus you love to thrift, which I love too, bed sheets make the best projects! And I really hope I can hang out with you when you're in SF soon!

  4. Set #3 would be a great pattern to make an entire 70's inspired wardrobe this summer. I'd love to get my hands on vintage patterns that are actually my size.
    I'm always happy to see a new post from you on my feed. You document your projects clearly and with great detail. I find myself not just getting inspiration from your posts but learning from your process. As someone who also has a science degree, geeky interests and a giant fluffy cat I often find myself smiling at the end of your posts. Keep up the great work!

  5. I love your blog because I think we would be friends in the real world and also, Walnut. Also, I learn a lot from your sewing adventures and I like the way you write. So consider your ego stroked.

    I want the hippos. But I would also take set #3. It's my size.

  6. I would love Set #4 with the hippos and wannabe Zoolander!

    I love reading your blog because I adore vintage style! Your posts give me ideas for my next projects :)
    Also, my mom was a fashion major and your blog reminds me of the clothes that she made when she was in her 20's. It also brings back memories of when she made matching clothes for my sister and I, which was annoying when I was 10 and hilarious now.

    If I won the set, I would first and foremost take more pictures to share on Facebook so everyone can enjoy the hilarity, and then create some nice hippos and 80's dress shirts for my dad to remind him of his youth.

  7. I am a newer follower of your blog - I found my way here from one of your Burda Style posts. I have been reading it every day since I discovered it, you are in my RSS feed. but I haven't updated my own blog in forever.

    What I love is that you're style is similar to mine, you're a geek (I mean that in a good way) and you're a science teacher (me too! - I share some of your links with the chemistry teachers I work with) And, I love Walnut, who could be my cat's twin.

    As for the set...I love the hippos!

  8. I come to your blog for the pretty pictures of Walnut. Ok, and the pretty pictures of the sewing that you do, as well as your detailed description of sewing techniques, your sense of humour and the geek references. I'd love set 3 if I won.

  9. I love your blog - it's the perfect combo of sewing and geeky-ness :) I aspire to sew as well as you do and love to see the things you create.

    As for the giveaway, I love them all but they aren't my size (I haven't quite gotten around to pattern grading yet), so I would have to say set #4 :) I love me some exercising hippos!

  10. I don't need any patterns (I have WAY too many of my own!) but I will leave you a comment about why I like your blog. =)

    I like your blog because you are a great writer and your posts make me either smile, laugh, ponder, or all of these together. You like a lot of the same geeky and retro things I do. And I love your photos! I'm more of a dog person, but I think I'd like Walnut - you get the most hilarious pictures of him with funny props! I wish you lived closer because could do projects together or just go hang out at IKEA in cute dresses made from their fabric (and see if anyone notices, hehe).

  11. I don't need any patterns and my son is allergic to cats anyway, but I thought I let you know that I adore your blog. I fell in love with the Superman dress and I found that I really liked the way you write. You explain your sewing in detail so that even a novice like me can follow along and lastly I really like walnut :-)

  12. I love set #3, and I like set #2. I read your blog because it makes me smile :) and you stir up my creative juices.

  13. I love Set #3 but like set 2 also! I like your blog because you jump into projects with fun and flair. I have entirely too much angst and your blog reminds me why I want to learn how to sew in the first place. Also, you love sci fi, have a fluffy cat and are a teacher! All cool things!

    Asiyah (aka Saro)

  14. I'd love to get my hands on set 3! I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and some choccy biscuits, to read your blog. I love the range of patterns and styles you choose from, there is a different one every week and it's great to see that you're not afraid to try anything. It's also great that you show us when things do go wrong or when you're not happy with something, it makes us amateurs feel better! I love that you tell us all the details when you make the garment, including material, how long it took you and would you do it again etc, it's a great guideline for us if we want to do the pattern. I also love how you improvise with materials, like using bed sheets. It's such a good idea that I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't have even thought of! I could go on and on about your blog and it's fabulousity! Happy birthday again to you, I can't believe you've only been doing this for a year, I'm sure all of us would love a blog this good after only a year, good luck for the next and I look forward to seeing some more of your amazing designs! XxxX

  15. I'd like set #1 though those hippos are out-of-control!
    I follow you because I find you funny, witty and honest so it's great to read your blog. The fact that the things you make are either things I'd want to make and things I find awesome in some way helps!

  16. I started following your blog a few months ago. It was great to find a blog that has every day or almost every day a post about sewing and all the author´s adventures! My sewing skills are still low and with your projects I can learn more and having a funny time. Also, I think that your fabric choices are the most amazing in the blogosphere! Thank you!
    Size 14 is too large for me, maybe 12 is better. But I love the McCalls 9672!!!! So I want to participate in the set#3.

  17. I like set 3. I found your blog through Oona's blog, and I read your blog all the way to the beginning. I like that you are cheap, sorry, thrifty, I also hate spending money so anybody who loves to improvise inspires me. I follow you through email.


  18. I LOVE set #1!!!! It is so cute, those skirts would definitely be something all of my friends would be jealous of :)
    Your blog is absolutely hilarious. I follow you on Bloglovin' and on your site. Here at my high school, we have laptops to use for all of our high school years. When I'm finished with schoolwork, I'm reading your blog. You inspired me to (attempt to) make my own lace skirt out of a dress I had when I was little. You keep me laughing all the time, and your pictures of Walnut are so funny! You're so interesting to read, and you are absolutely gorgeous, girl. I wish I had you as my high school chemistry teacher. :) Thanks for blogging, we all love you!

  19. Hi from a new reader! I'm completely obsessing over the Vogue 7599 jumper from set 2. It's adorable -- I would so totally make it for work, in the best Brady Bunch fabric I can find. Maybe do the pockets in a contrasting pattern...or plaid on plaid...oh, the possibilities.

    As I said, I'm a new reader...I think I found your blog through PatternReview, maybe? I'm just starting to explore the sewing blogosphere now. I love, LOVE your Star Wars dress (and kitty pictures! You can never go wrong with kitty sewing assistants, I always say. I have one too -- his name is Harley, and he likes to sleep on my cotton batting while I sew. Helping!)

    Also, I really like your 1930s blouse. It's really cute.

  20. I love Set 3 but I have a confession to make: sometimes I just come over to look at Walnut, he's just so beautiful. Sure, I love your dresses and the fabric choices, especially but that Walnut...le sigh, what a cat! (I'm also completely amused by the Hippo gym pattern. Are their mouthes open out of joy...or exhaustion?)

    1. ^Agree with the statement about Walnut. ;P

  21. Set 4 is amazing! Who wouldn't want to make a series of hippos?! I personally would make them in all different colours and have (at least) one for each room in the house. Obviously I'd need to make a waterproof one for the bathroom. Also, the 1970s shirt pattern looks cool and I did promise my boyfriend that I'd start making him some things as well as stuff for myself.

    Now not that I want to disappoint anyone else but I do have to say (now that you've is kindly given us this opportunity to suck up) your blog is my favourite and though I don't follow it on blogger (as I only sign in when I post on my blog) I do have a habit of checking it as routinely as I do my facebook (I know, right?)... That probably makes me sound like such a suck up now but oh well. Incidentally this means that you're now not allowed to stop blogging as it would ruin my daily internet routine :p

    Happy Blogiversary!

  22. Ooh I like set 3! And I lurk around your blog like a creeper because I am also a nerdy Angelino chick. I found you on patternreview and I plan to make your DIY maxi dress as soon as I finish another project I have going.

  23. Seeing the Simplicity skirt pattern brought back memories. My mother had that pattern and I can remember it quite well.

  24. Hey Lady,
    I think set 3 is the best, although those hippos in a gym are also incredible. I love your blog because you use inexpensive fabrics to make amazing clothes! Since I am in grad school, It inspires me to spend less and expect more from my wardrobe. Also, you have the coolest sense of style.

  25. Hello,
    I enjoy your creations, they are each so unique! Walnut is too cute also. I am so happy when your posts pop up!

  26. I would like set number two or set number three.

    I like reading your blog for your stories about Walnut, but also because I enjoy hearing about what you are learning in sewing. A lot of people just post what they made, and not as much about the process of making it and the skills they learned. I also like that you sew bedsheets into clothes, like me :)

  27. Okay, well, what DON'T I love about your blog? I must confess I'm kind of a creepy groupie. Let's see, you're a fearless sewist with brilliant ideas and you always "make it work", you are a stylish geek goddess with a fabulous set of wide-ranging talents, you have a most adorable furry helper and you created the best. blog award. ever. That enough ego petting or shall I go on? :)
    I'm coveting set #3, that dress with the contrast bodice and wrap-aroundy midriff is way before its time! And knit sportswear? Yes please! The hippo gym did make me laugh, though I would be terrified to have that in my house. I can feel them watching me as I sleep...

  28. I just found your blog through pinterest, the piece on "Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Sewing." I've been working on garments for about 3 years now, and you got it spot on. So spot on, that I just had to email my mother to update my birthday list to include an iron, because mine sucks and I know it's been hurting my sewing. So yes, I like your blog because you actually seem to understand garment sewing and don't make it out to be some magically easy process. That, and you have a cat. And you also use your rotary mat for a D&D board. This world needs more confident, geeky women like you!

    Set #3 is fab. And set #4, because who doesn't love hippos? As an aside, the internet tells me hippos kill almost 200 people a year. So maybe, some people don't love hippos.

  29. I'm head over heels for Set 3, but Set 2 is a very close second! I found your blog post on your Horrockses-esque Vintage Vogue 8789 dress through craftgawker, and I've been quietly stalking your blog since! I love that dress, and it has since inspired me to make a dress of my own (maybe even multiple dresses!). I also loved your post "Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Sewing," it helped me perfect the crochet hook clutch I just recently finished. I hate ironing, but you're right, it adds so much.

    Also, Walnut is quite possibly the most dashing feline I've ever laid eyes on.

  30. I found out about your blog by a link to sewing with cats award and hung up ever since. I was just starting to sew -also with a cat- and trying to learn through blogs. Learned mostly from you. I just love your writings. You have your style on explaining stuff which is very clear even with sewing is very much practical. You keep me coming back to check whats new everyday.

    (I would like to have set 3)

  31. I started reading your blog because I'm in the 1912 sewing group too. But I've kept reading non-1912 things because I love seeing all the pretty things you make, especially when geekery is involved. Plus, Walnut is really cute.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'd be interested in set 2 or 3. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  32. I just love your sewing, but fell in love with Walnut after seeing him flying through the air in the pajama post. I am not sure my cat, Harry, would put up with that, but we'd try it if my husband wasn't afraid I'd break the bed jumping on it.

    At any rate, I must have the hippos. I'd make them. I've already sewn a manatee, penguin and tree, and knitted an octopus, carrot and, yes, a wombat. A hippo would feel right at home.

  33. Am I too late? I hope not! I can never figure out the time difference (I'm in the UK). I'd love to win either set 2 or set 3 to make myself more vintage-but-work-appropriate attire!

    I really enjoy reading your blog - I don't read very many sewing blogs but I feel you engage critically with what you're doing and aren't just making things for the sake of making things - does that make sense? I'm in the depth of dissertation writing & feel like my brain has gone off in all sorts of directions!

    Also, I love the steampunk skirt and Walnut :)


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